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♪ >> it's mid night on the east coast, 9 p.m. on the west coast, shepherd smith, live in boston where across new england and across the country, a series of relief. tonight, in boston, many celebrating because after 102 hours after the attack on the boston marathon and a string of shootings that left thh region on edge, the police took the only remaining suspect into custody. >> for the families that lost loved ones or suffered injuries that they have to live with the rest of their lives, for a police officer, a young man just starting a career at mit, and a police officer with who almost
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lost his life, and neighborhoods who lived in fear for an entire day, we are eternally grate offl for the outcome tonight. we have a suspect in custody. [cheers and applause] >> and that was the reaction as first responders drove away from the scene in watertown just a couple hours ago. look at what we saw over on commonwealth avenue where hundreds of college students marched to the state house. usa! usa, usa, usa! >> in a city and region that saw so much anguish and too many tears this week has some smiles and enormous sense of relief because of what this image remits. it's the first photo of the second suspect shot throuuh the window of the ambulance carrying him to the hospital.
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appears to have blood on his face. this man identified as the younger of the two brothers suspected of bombing the boston marathon monday, killing three people and wounding 180 others. the suspect's older brother on the right hand side of the screen now died after a shootout with police very early on friday morning, but his younger brother was still on the run, we believed, officials locked down the area all around boston, shut down mass transit, shut down taxis, and authorities told more than a million people to stay home, stay indoors, work closed, schools closed, teams went door-to-door, searching for any sign of the last suspect, and they could not find him. a couple minutes before seven o'clock boston time tonight, the news started breaking. shots fired in watertown, police racing to the scene. >> holy, holy, holy --
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>> that was the violent start of the standoff that ended with a team bringing the suspect into custody, and now e we know how -hey found him. it was thanks to a man who had already been checked, his home had already been searched, and who then noticed something strange. >> walked outside and saw blood on a boat in the backyard. he then opened the tarp on the top of the boat and looked in and saw a man covered in blood, retreated, call us, we set up a perimeter around that boat, and over the course of the next hour or so, we exchanged gunfire with the suspect inside the boat, and, ultimately, the hostage rescue team and fbi made entry into the boat and removed the suspect who was still alive in the boat. >> with that, the terror threat was over, and, tonight, boston
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and greater new england is free. this man accused of causing a great deal of pain, but, tonight, his ag any is only beginning. we are live at beth israel hospital in boston. adam, police say the suspect is in serious condition tonight. >> yeah, we hear the same thing, very serious condition. they are not giving us a lot of information. we are getting some bits and pieces from the hospital here that he is in surgery right now, he has multiple injuries. we know one of the injuries is a gunshot. we don't know if that's a serious one, self-inflicked, from the officers, all answers will come ii time, but we know at this hour they are doing what they can inside the hospital to ensure the suspect lives. we're told, as of right now, they believe he will make it through, again, they have not got into detail what they are doing, but we know he's right now in surgery with multiple injuries, at least one of the injuries is a gunshot, and at this hour, they say he should be
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making it at this point barring any change in the condition, of course. >> it's our understanding, among other things, a shot to the head and hand, guessing security's mighty tight. >> yeah. we heard the same thing, shot to the head nd hand. i i have not heard it here, but here is complete lock dop, security not only with information on lockdown, little bits and pieces, but anywhere you move around beth israel, a large medical campus here, police officers everywhere at every door, entrance, and exit, every driveway in, every driveway out, even at the children's hospital across the street, and inside, we see officers walking around as well. we have been told, of course, there are officers near the operating room, and there's officers staiged outside his recovery room, of course, in intensive care unite. there's a significant police presence here. in fact, the doorway to the right, which you can't see from the camera angle, i conned now three, six, nine, 11 police officers just at that one
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doorway, and they are everywhere, on the street corners, again, in and out of the emergency room exits in the car. they definitely have this entire area on lock down, both inside and outside this hospital. >> adam, beth israel hospital here tonight, back to him for updates on the suspect's condition. imagine what it was like in watertown this evening, a little bit before seven, and all of the sudden, shots. the police surrounded this man who hid in the back of that boat with a blue tarp over him, he was bleeding because he was injured last night. think of this. he and his brother had been traveling and running from cops. they had with them, according to authorities, another one of these bombs, these stove top-style pressure cooker bombs, threw it out the window, but the pressurized top came off, therefore, it didn't do the kind of awful damage done at the boston marathon, otherwise there were a lot of cops there, and people could have been horribly
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injured. after the older brother died, the younger brother flees on foot, able to escape and hide out, and during that time, boston and surrounding area went on lock down. tonight, the shots, and police had him surrounded, first he was in the boat for a long period of time, some 20-30 shots fired, exchanged fire with each other, and neighbors heard explosions, eight to ten of them in the neighborhood. it turned out they were flash bangs that the police set, and, yet, nobody in the neighborhood had any idea. chuck tebow is one, lives four houses down from where it happened, heard it all, and, tonight, chuck, i guess aceps of relief? how are yo? >> doing well, thank you. >> what was it like as the police moved in just before seven tonight? >> caller: pretty heroing. we about to get fresh air because the governor lifted the ban, and as soon as we got to the end of the driveway, we were sent right back in the house, and all the sudden, a parade of authorities came down the
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street, and we got back into the house in a matter of 15 seconds, and you heard all kinds of gunfire. >> and then a short time later, it's my understanding, you all heard what sounded like explosions. describe that to me. >> caller: oh, the explosions, seemed to me just like gunfire, but they could have been small bombs, i'm not sure. there was so much gunfire, it's hard to say. it just all opened up at once. >> and you had been hulled up in the house all day; is that right? authorities warned to stay hem. >> caller: yeah, about 24 hours, but it seemed like three days. it was a long time. >> i bet it did. did they search your home? >> no, they didn't, but they had constant state troopers up and down the street from time to time. >> after the took the suspect into custody, tell me what the reaction was like in your neighborhood. >> caller: well, happy, first of all, you heard the
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authorities at the end of the street clapping hands. we pretty much knew it was over then, and then my brother texted me. he let me know it was okay. like, i counted see anything. i could see all the people and lights and bells and whistles, and everything, but i couldn't see the house, and i couldn't see the boat, of course. it was really exciting. >> yeah, i know, a great sense of relief as well, and excitement at the state house and all across the region tonight. these streets around us here were almost completely empty. i flew in to logan airport at about five o'clock this afternoon, and it was, like, a holiday in the middle of the night, with nobody on the streets. the drive just ten minutes, and by the time we got here, the suspect was taken into custody, and the streets came alive again, and, finally, a friday night in boston, common after the announcement that the suspect was in custody. you see the reaction on the
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right hand side of the screen. i tell you, it feels like the night they brought bin laden, that they killed him, and the streets of lower manhattan, think of the grief these people to deal with and the horribly difficult situation over the past five days since it happened monday. tonight, both suspects in custody, investigation is just beginning, and now they get to motive and to try to figure out how these two became radicalized, we'll have more on the standoff live from the scene, our senior correspondent, eric shawn, is live there tonight. we'll update the condition of the suspect and bring you breaking news tonight. i'm shepherd smith in boston. this is fox news channel coverage of the aftermath and final arrest after the bombing of the boston marathon. [cheers and applause] usa! usa! usa! usa!
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[cheers and applause] >> 14 minutes past midnight in boston, right hand side of the screen, see the excitement after the arrest, and on the left, people carrying around american flags. the streets deserted throughout the day and early evening when we reported from this location tonight, the only ones on the street, and now by the hundreds, college students out and celebrating in relief that the
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second of the two suspects in the boston marathon bombings are now in custody at beth israel hospital tonight, and you can see the american flags in the street and police honking as if the red sox won the world series or patriots won the suturer bowl, great excitement in boston. we are near the spot where the bombing happened. man, at long last. >> exactly, shep. good evening to you. this is a friday night, possibly like no other in the history of the city, comparing to things you talked about. all day long, talking about this street, downtown boston being a ghost town with 600,000 people in the city and thousands more out in the suburbs told to stay inside, be safe, stay inside. when does that happen? that just doesn't happen. tonight, people are out into the street, coming down boilston --
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boyleston street, carrying the american flag and banners celebrating the threat is lifted, honking horns, coming by here, cars packed with students, not just the students going to the state house, but students driving around. the restaurants may actually be opening here where they have been closed all day. also, shep, look, it's a celebration and mindful that just two blocks down the road here is still an investigation. there's still a crime scene. it's mindful that there is a growing memorial there to the three victims that were killed in that, and that there was a fourth victim killed in the shootout, and, in fact, speaking of the three victims, the richard family issued a statement tonight, i'll rebates the last paragraph of the statement from martin richard, the 8-year-old boy killed in the blast saying tonight, "our family applauds the entire law enforcement community for a job well done and trust our justice system will now do its job." that's what a lot of people are talking about too. they are asking us about the
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press conference today, watching this. they are up on the information that the helicopter was hovering above the boat where the suspect was hiding and infa red got the hit signature of the person. because of the televisions in the restaurants and hotels and bars that are normally on sports have been on the news. people have been glued to this. now, that can be changed, and you can bet, if the bruins and red sox are back in action tomorrow, the tvs are back to sports, people back to their live, and that's what they are celebrating, shep. >> they are. just around the corner, craig, thank you very much. you know, it was so severe that they stopped taxi cab service today. when it was time for the red sox to play at fenway and the bruins to skate, it didn't happen. the city was still in lock down until how the mayor came down, and they were lifting it, but had not found the second suspect, did did not know whether they would, and minutes
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later, got the word he was @%rrounded, and, tonight, of course, he's in custody and at beth i israel hospital. the investigation is just beginning. where's the fbi go from here? what about motives? another look of cheering in the streets on this night of celebration in boston. [cheers and applause] usa, usa, usa, usa, usa! [cheers and applause] let's go boston! let's go boston!
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>> 22 minutes past midnight in boston where the second boston marathon bombing suspect is now in custody, and in the hospital, and the investigation into the attack of terror and what unfolded over the following days continues. richard garcia, former assistant in los angeles is live with us tonight. richard, good to talk to you, thank you. >> caller: good to talk to you too. >> where do you start? >> caller: where do you start
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with this thing? there's a lot of work that has to be done, a long portion, tremendous job, the public did a tremendous job in resolving this thing at this point, but there's still a lot of work. they have a lot of evidence, big crime scene, you got a lot of people to talk to, a lot of follow-up, you have to find out what was the motive and different things that might come out as evidence once you start talking to the suspect. >> curious to learn how it was that at least the older or both were radicalized. how do you get at that? >> that's a big question that's come out. we have to figure out about how this took place, and having the suspect alive and the ability to interview that person as the number two suspect that was caught today is going to be very helpful in investigation. there's a lot of records and searches that have to be checked as well. all that's going to help lead to potentially what took place and the motive. >> richard, we got word today
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two years ago the older of the two suspects, the one who died overnight last night, was interviewed by the fbi a long series of interviews, sounds like, after a foreign country's government requested that our fbi check out to see whether he was trouble, and they eventually talked to him, interviewedded friends, that's my understanding, and in the end, decided they couldn't find anything in the background or in the activity to suggest he was radicalized in any way, and then that foreign government never got back to the united states for a follow-up. i wonder if it's your sense it's possible they might have missed something there? >> caller: well, it's difficult to determine exactly what happened back two years ago, and then what was the information, and i wish they could follow up on that, review the records that took place at that time. the countries in the world have been cooperating quite readily in passing intention. this is not uncommon for
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something like that to have another government or within the united states, an entity or something regarding potential information that might lead to an attack or some sort of intelligence, but the exact information, you never know, sometimes it's a bit of information. sometimes it's more detailed. it's hard to say, but i'm sure the fbi will be following up on that and also determines what they have now in evidence and how it sits. >> richard garcia, former assistant director to the fbi field office in los angeles live with us this morning. richard, thanks very much. back to watertown in massachusetts, 15 minutes away, for the latest on the investigation there. while we were there -- excise me -- as the news conference was going on, the mayor, chief of police and the rest, word the president would speak immediately following that. he came forward to thank those who investigated, to thank the people of new england for resolve, and to remind us there's a lot of work made. >> we will determine what
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happened. we will invest gait any associations that these terrorists may have had, and we'll continue to do whatever we have to do to keep our people safe. one thing we do know is that whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such heinous acts will not, cannot prevail, whaaever they thought they could ultimately achieve, they've already failed. they failed because the people of boston refuse to be intimidated. they failed because as americans, we refuse to be americans we refuse to be terrorist. they failed because we will waiver from the character and , the compassion and the values that defined as does the country nor will we break the bonds that hold us together as americans. that american spirit includes staying true to the unity and diversity that makes us strong. @í
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>> 1230 on the east coast allies did boston in the second a suspect now in industrial boston hospital after a man failed the suspect hiding in his boat in his backyard birkenau in the end to the the fear that has gripped the region now we look at how pitiful did -- how it unfolded. >> shortly after 5:00 p.m. thursday the fbi released photos and videos of the suspects and asked for help. >> the nation is counting on those of the information to come forward. >> tips started to come in. about five hours later shots fired on the campus of that massachusetts institute of technology at cambridge. an officer killed.
12:32 am
>> picking up the radio traffic and officer was shot after his gun was stolen from him. >> at that point* it was unclear if this was connected to the suspect. >> that this is a suspect fleeing from a robbery but then two men were carjacked and the driver was held in the release. the police picked up the chase to watertown. and those inside through explosives then a shoot out. >> we heard two loud explosions. we didn't know what it was then you see the cruiser's pass by. >> one suspect, the older brother pronounced dead 1:35 a.m.. the other on the run and warnings to police. >> she could have an explosive device on him. please use extreme caution.
12:33 am
>> then a news briefing in new surveillance image and a lock down. >> please stay in your homes and do not come now. entire neighborhoods on alert. when an hour later mass-transit shut down and reporters caught up with friends of the suspects. >> he was the cool kid who played high school sports he did not beseem inverted he was the sociable kid. >> i understand what the whole pop and. i am not sure what set him off. >> they found the suspect uncle and his message was surrender. >> tear yourself and and ask for forgiveness. >> either surrendered or ask for forgiveness and as far -s may know he has not yet but instead he tried to hide
12:34 am
a and it did no good. but it turned out he could not to escape the team of investigators until they found him hours ago. the president said the nation knows a tremendous credit attitude to law enforcement officers to track down the suspect. he is vowing to get answers. and ed henry is live and this has been a very long week. >> because he also said in his thoughts and prayers are the people of texas dealing with an awful explosion still recovering and efforts going on there and the bottom line is to sign the emergency declaration vortexes but obviously mostly on his mind is the situation in boston and was briefed after the second suspect was brought into custody alive. the also received a phone
12:35 am
call from the fbi director and the president came into the briefing room. i was there and he was laying out how he believed this was an important moment for the people of boston and america. >> boston police, state and local police across the commonwealth respond with professionalism and bravery over five long days. because of there determined efforts we closed in important chapter in this tragedy. >> certainly a sense of relief'' for the president and director of there would not have gotten the second suspect or either one but obviously the president notes this is not some sort of a victory because he noted that m.i.t. officer killed than the others killed up the boston marathon on monday. while there is a liberation the president notes people are still mourning.
12:36 am
>> of course, they are with a lot of investigating to be done. especially the suspect in the hospital tonight taco . and if you should be read aranda rights we have been told that clear is a public safety clause that allows the government do not read miranda rights immediately so that he does not have the right to remain silent because there is a public safety threat to make sure there is no other plot out there of the senators john mccain and the gramm put out a statement saying'' mack wheat remaining under threat from radical islam we hope the obama administration seriously considered the enemy combat and option. what that means is this suspect it could go to the military court system but the president signaled the opposite to read between the lines that he believes what
12:37 am
distinguishes america is the several civilian court system to uphold our values. he is getting pressure to name him the enemy combat in to that with the two other things he is signaling if he survives go through the civilian court system. >> it appears he will@ survive for cut end henry live. the last time we heard from the authorities at the 6:00 eastern time the news was not good at all and they told the people they cannot find a second suspect and they were lifting the shelter employs order but there were a lot of questions were the investigation was going bad minutes later there was the call of the suspect. are corresponded has the news and the end of this was incredibly tends. >> and it happened right
12:38 am
here this building right after those state troopers this is where it finalized just underside is the driveway there is the boat. happen so quickly. hough after the lockdown was lifted people came out to stretch their legs the new saab cars and tactical vehicles and helicopter overhead and then you have the standoff that lasted for a number of hours but by and large the people of the neighborhoods that bore the brunt of this tragedy as far as staying home there glad this is resolved with the suspect to live primarily because now you can talk to him and learn what other threats are out there. >> and for many here for tens of thousands, a great
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relief and for some, a great celebration. >> it was spontaneous. it was real and very patriotic. people were gathered around radios as they started to see this would be resolved without further loss of life and a cheer that came to the crowds and spontaneously they formed a got let as the police vehicle they let out great cheers with patriotic messages they waved the flag and the people of massachusetts knows that it was a hit but knows that it was directed at america. >> fly from watertown where it came to a close now a man who went to high school with the bombing suspect he was friends with the older one who'd died on the initial shootout.
12:40 am
good evening. >> good evening. thank you for having me. >> tell me about these guys a. >> plane and simple they were opposite. the older one, tamerlan tsarnaev was approachable but he had more of a serious demeanor as opposed to his younger brother who was a little more outgoing, a charismatic, france, nothing alarming or socially awkward at all. the older one, the tamerlan tsarnaev to have a more serious demeanor, is still nothing alarming. he did have some of friends and if you went up to him you would smile and ask how you are doing it with the brothers being different, at the end of the day were positive people and not now
12:41 am
but at 1.they cared about people. they cared about this country and a life they respected it. >> in the end of this violence or page we have learned about? nothing? >> not whatsoever. i would see the older suspect after high-school i would see him around at the gym where he trained for boxing or at the supermarket and he was fine and a smile in been the last time i saw him two or three years ago and i wondered ready is. people did not seem to know maybe even back to his country. then this happened. i am dying to know just like other people for what happened between now and the
12:42 am
past year or two that flipped the switch to evil. >> did you know, about the trip the older of the chair to look to russia or what came out of that? >> there were some mumblings they had left the country but it was more of family reasons. nothing if i you felt the need to look into because what you knew of them and their personalities. just regular people. the term normal is tossed around for a reason. the word normal. not out of the ordinary. >> you wonder how in the world you go from that to the kind of person who puts up pressure cooker bomb at the side of the marathon. this country had been very good to them and their family. they were escaping political oppression in chechnya and they came here with open
12:43 am
arms. >> exactly. very mysterious. i was praying and kept my fingers crossed that they would get dzhokar tsarnaev out from the boat allies because we need answers. everybody deserves to know what happened and why and the forecast for the future. maybe she knows something. we need to know. greta:. >> he is alive and will talk with authorities hopefully it has been a tough week. all the best. >> i appreciate it. >> back to those injured in the attack one of the most seriously wounded victims of the bombings may also help the fbi to identify the suspects. we have all seen the picture of jaffa in a wheelchair badly bleeding and this was the first sliver of video i saw on monday as this was
12:44 am
happening the lead up to know that something serious had happened and it turned out he lost both legs but the feds were able to interview him in his hospital bet and according to his brother paul mackey will go up under so much drugs, ask for a pen and paper and wrote bag. i saw the guy and he looked right at me and then they went to the videotape then they saw of the men putting the bag down of course, the first suspect died the second capture. investigating the older brother and did so two years ago. taken a closer look and remember the victims of the bombing. those who've lost their lives on monday.
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>> 12 minutes before 1:00 a.m. wear a predicted rain storm has just began and it is pouring down on this city. tomorrow it will be very cold for this time of the year highs in the low 50s and the lows in the low 30's and they're all very thankful this investigation now moves on to the next phase with the first suspect
12:49 am
dead in the second in custody and in a hospital as reported tonight. in serious condition injuries are not believed to be life-threatening and up pulpit is a wealth of information for investigators. after a man at down the suspect hiding in the back of the boat in watertown and the uncle spoke to the media earlier today and talked about the family and condemned the actions of his two nephews. >> of course, we are ashamed. yes we are ashamed that children of my brother honestly as much as i know has no influence of them. it is personal. it is personal. %-be away from them.ily to again, i say but i think is
12:50 am
behind it, being losers, not being able to settle themselves and their by hating everyone. >> there is clearly as split in the family and he said he last saw his nephews in the year 2005. fox news has learned the fbi investigated the older of the two brothers' two years ago at the request of the unnamed foreign government. we're live in washington with that. what was the concern about suspect number one who died in the shootout? >> possible extremist ties according to the officials who told us two years ago or early 2011 a foreign government reached out and said they were concerned about tamerlan tsarnaev so the fbi tracked him down and talk to him with his internet searches, a travel history known associates and
12:51 am
education background but did not find anything then to back of suspicion this aspiring boston area boxer had extremist ties. some little the government to circle back if the man that we now know as suspect number one in the black have ever raised red flags but that foreign government never followed up in any way shape or form so of the fbi close the case. that was two years ago then fast for you was killed a little more than three days after carrying out a deadly bombing on u.s. soil. >> and in between the two last year the older of the two who died in the shootout made a six month trip to russia. what do we know about that? >> at some point* the beginning of 2012 tamerlan tsarnaev who went to russia to see his father specifically chechnya then he returned to the states in
12:52 am
july then a few weeks after his return on auuust 17th august 17th, the you to a site went live that is in the started posting radical jihadist videos especially from a radical also yen imam that the cleric who was killed in a drone strike and then he sees his father and comes back and almost immediately develops the on-line presence as a radical islamist nd traveling back and forth is using vector 60 and passport and there is evidence the of brothers bombed the marathon on behalf of the chechen cause but nothing is being rolled out at this point*. >> thank you very much. as we reported the m.i.t. police officer died in the shootout early friday morning.
12:53 am
a roommate was gunned down in his patrol car said the only fault was that he was too brave. that is what the "boston globe" newspaper reported on friday. police said they found the body late last night of john collier and the other suspects were unlikely killer. 26 years old and previously worked for the police department in somerville. the lieutenant told the globe the girls in a dispatch have not stopped crying. the transit police officer wounded in watertown is out of surgery. a spokesman said richard donohue is listed in critical but stable condition and that he has a six month old child at home and he graduated in the same police academy class as the m.i.t. officer that was killed last night in the standoff.
12:54 am
live report from the hospital where doctors have been treating the second boston in bombing suspect. that is coming up talking about the capture of the two suspects in the bombing of the boston marathon. [cheers and applause] [chanting] u.s.a.. u.s.a.. u.s.a.
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>> the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing is in the hospital being treated and our correspondent has a live update. >> shepard he is in surgery as we speak but his brother was brought here with
12:59 am
multiple wounds and did not survive. he was brought here and will survive. even though in very serious condition. guards inside and outside the hospital. to my right i counted nine police officers on the outside and others inside and up into the operating room there also officers and of course, those posted when he goes into recovery wherever that may be. multiple wounds at least gunshot wounds one to the hand and one to the head and there are others as well but they are more superficial but they do believe he will make it tonight as they continue to work on him the evening gave him a cat scan and that he is still in critical condition but expected to make it at beth israel. >> we don't yet know if he has been questioned but they decided there would be no reading of iran the rights so that could begin right away

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